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Art installation “Bombs Fall, Hope Rises”

Olena Krevenets

Feb 22, 2023

gallery SAW(Ottawa) February 21 -24 2023

This exhibition I've participate have been showcased in gallery SAW(Ottawa) February 21 -24 2023, following its debut in Halle, Germany, in partnership with Leuchtturm Helfer e.V. and with support of the Ukrainian Embassy in Ottawa.

I presented art installation "Bombs Fall, Hope Rises" that included 50 vases filled with a real flowers.

Each element of this display has been carefully designed to pay homage to Ukrainian culture, with a particular focus on the themes of life, beauty, and love. Through the use of powerful symbols and evocative imagery, I aim to capture the essence of Ukraine and celebrate its many contributions to the world.

At the same time, this installation also acknowledges the painful history of Ukraine and the devastation wrought by war. Amidst the destruction and burning villages, I have sought to create a sense of hope and renewal, symbolising the enduring power of the human spirit to overcome even the most difficult of circumstances.

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