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Gala dinner "Decade of Hope"

Olena Krevenets

Mar 4, 2024

Vancouver club

Artwork "The Price of Freedom" was sold on silent auction during Gala Dinner in Vancouver Club, March 3 2024.

Generous buyer is well known ceo vodka "Zirkova" Katherine Vellinga.

All proceeds will go towards supporting programming for children forcibly deported to Russia and who have now been returned home, to Ukraine.

"The Price of Freedom"

photograph captures the raw emotion and devastation of a Ukrainian bride mourning the loss of her loved one, a soldier who tragically died in battle during the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine. This war, which began with the Russian occupation of Crimea and the Donbass region in 2014, has now escalated into a full-scale military invasion that has lasted for two years. The model is depicted wearing a modern interpretation of traditional Ukrainian clothing, symbolizing the enduring strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people despite the war. The flower wreath in the background serves as a powerful symbol, representing both the joy of marriage and the sorrow of death. Its dual nature signifies the intertwining of love, loss, and the inevitability of death amidst the hopes and expectations of youth. This piece is a poignant tribute to those who have lost their lives in the ongoing struggle for freedom, and a testament to the enduring spirit of Ukraine in the face of persistent aggression and warfare. It's worth noting that this photograph was created without any digital editing or AI assistance, showcasing the team's exceptional skills and attention to detail in creating a realistic and captivating scene. The set design and real fire created a visually stunning and impactful image, which highlights the importance of using authentic and practical methods in photography to capture the true essence of the subject. The photographer, model, makeup artist, and assistants worked hard to create a meaningful and visually stunning piece. Everyone's skills and dedication were essential in bringing this concept to life. The team worked well together to make something really special. The photographer's skills, the model's talent, the makeup artist's hard work, and the assistants' help made this photograph a success.

Concept/style/props design: Olena Krevenets.

Photography/video: Dave Worden

Model/actress: Sofi Manko

Makeup artist: Kateryna Oliinyk

Framed print on metal, 20x30 2023

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