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Big framed print

Frame, gold-colour 24x35 ¾ " (61x91 cm)


All proceeds will be donated to Ukrainian Refugee charity


This story started a long time ago, in 2014, when Ukraine chose its way to democratic values and stood against the autocratic regime of Yanukovych, which was backed by russian leaders. As revenge, putin decided to attack Ukraine and russian soldiers landed on our soil, meanly occupied the Crimea peninsula and the Donbas region. 

At that time Ukraine was not ready to protect its own territories, because its army was demoralized and people were exhausted after a few months of struggle with Yanukovych. 


But 8 years later, when russia launched a full range invasion Ukranian people stand and bravery defend Motherland. 


Last week I was not sure if I have the right to make art at this dark time. When my country is drowning in blood and burning in war fire. People are grieving for dead civilians and total ruined cities. But this project is a statement, this is my voice to the world. I want it to be heard everywhere! 

Ukraine needs help! Save our kids! Protect our sky!



Olena Krevenets


Production team:

Concept/costume designer: Olena Krevenets 🇺🇦

Photography/editing: Dave Worden 🇨🇦

Models: Sofi Manko🇺🇦, Mia Gryn 🇺🇦

MUA: Diana Zhyliaieva🇺🇦


Ukrainian Motherland

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